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How To Fix SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner Connectivity Problems

If you’re reading this you’re likely facing issues with the SCT iTSX Wireless Tuner and pairing it. Youre probably sitting there googling, "how to fix SCT iTSX won't connect to phone", "SCT iTSX tuner not on bluetooth list", and not finding much out there. Unfortunately, I was in the same boat last month. Luckily for you, I had the same problem and easily resolved it in minutes and now am giving the solution to all of my fellow car enthusiasts.

     Usually the problem with the SCT iTSX tuner for most of us is that it will not connect to our phone via bluetooth easily. For me it was especially frustrating because the tuner popped up on my bluetooth, I connected to it successfully, then it disappeared from the list for a long time until I discovered how to fix it in these simple steps.

What You'll Need:The SCT iTSX Wireless TunerA phone/tablet with bluetooth connectivity.A hairpin or paperclip that is straightened out (used for reset button)
How To Fix …

Clash of Clans Day 4 - Becoming Unrushed

Past journal:

   We started off with the idea we need to get our defenses to all the same common level, I have quite a few of under leveled defenses from town hall upgrades.         We have around TH8 defenses. I ended last night by upgrading my x-bow from level 1 -> level 2 and we are working on getting our level 1 inferno to level 2 right now. However, if possible I am trying to use builder's potions to try and maximize the efficiency of the defenses becoming a common level. I got these builders potions from the Clan War League and the season pass. I won't give a list of every upgrade since it would be redundant to let you know our level 4 archer tower finally got to 7, but I will give a short summary.
      I had to spend all week studying for my exam and lifting hard, so I didn't have time to really take many screenshots and keep you all updated, but I wanted to keep the builders busy. So I&#…

Fairlife Chocolate Milk Review

Most of us love milk, it is used in many of our foods we eat daily, is the main ingredient in our delicious ice-cream, and some of us even use it as a refreshment after a long day. If you’ve read my post, Is Milk Even Good For You and the Benefits of Drinking It, you may be now wondering which milk you should buy. Today, I will cover my all-time favorite brand of milk, which doesn’t break the bank, and is ultra-filtered for nearly double the protein and half the sugar, Fairlife Chocolate Milk. (And it’s lactose free!)

Fairlife is a new brand, but by no means falls short.
     Fairlife is a fairly new product on the market, infact it was only started in 2012 by Mike and Sue McCloskey, and boy am I glad they started it. Their milk is incredibly high quality, with the owners stating, “They believed that high quality, great tasting nutrition starts with high quality milk that comes from sustainable farming and extraordinary animal care.” --and they must be doing something right…

Are Fruits Actually Good For You?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you will know I am a bodybuilder who eats lots and lots of protein, but tries to have a fairly balanced diet. Many of us have always heard the saying, “fruits are good for you!” but oftentimes there’s not really a good reason why other than “vitamins” or “they just are!”. This is a big problem for many bodybuilders because fruits inherently have lots of carbs due to their high sugar and not lots of protein. We will be looking into the actual health benefits of fruit, and if fruits are actually good for you.

Fruit has lots of sugar, but is it bad for you?
     Recently news has shifted over to stating that sugar is horrible for the body and is helping the rise of obesity, while most of this is true, fruit has a lot of sugar, but has an anti-obesity effect according to the NIH. Why is this? NerdFitness explains this excellently and goes in great depth about how sugar in fruits is actually healthy for us due to the fiber content in t…

Is Drinking Milk Really That Good For You?

Milk, a drink we have all come to enjoy and drink on a fairly common basis, it is the ingredient behind most of our food, served to our kids at their school lunches, and has the popular “Got Milk?” slogan behind it. We’ve all heard the benefits about strong bones and protein, but is drinking milk really that good for you? Is it all that it is caught up to be? In this article we will be discussing the benefits and disadvantages of drinking milk using scientific research. At the end of this article all the sources used will be available, and we will do our best to eliminate any biased sources to give you a fair conclusion.

Brief Nutrition of Milk
Let us take a look at 2% fat milk, a fairly commonly used milk. Milk in general will have similar nutrition give or take a few calories based on the type (skim/whole, etc.). For 2% milk we are looking at about 120 calories for a 1 cup serving of milk loaded with 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 12 grams of carbohydrates. Milk also has th…

Clash of Clans Day #3 - The Core Will Be Strong, Season Pass, CWL

Past Journal:

   Welcome back to my Clash of Clans journal! Today is day 3, and we have got a lot to talk about.

    For starters, the April season is ending very soon, which means we will collect 25,000,000 gold and elixir into our storages from the season pass, but we have a problem, we're going to have two builders.

    We started a lot of upgrades way beforehand, and currently the inferno tower that we just built yesterday after upgrading to TH12 is taking the longest out of all of them. Within a few days we will have all builders avaliable again, but when you have 25 million gold sitting in your storages, there are a lot of people who love to raid your base endlessly.

    While we can fear about losing lots of our loot, we must focus on what we will actually upgrade with it.

     As I mentioned in the last journal, it will probably be worth it to upgrade our Town Hall's Giga Tesla, but on secon…

Does Cardio Kill Gains?

We’ve all heard the bro science, “dude, cardio kills your gains, what are you doing?” and some of us (see: me) are stuck there doing cardio for hours on end when we binge on our diets too hard. I’ve always had a theory that even if you go way over your TDEE, if you add some cardio it may actually make your gains better. Today, we will look at scientific research and evidence with sources cited to explain this and try and see what the truth is! (This is important to me and a learning experience for me too!) Rich Piana always said doing an hour of cardio a day would cause you to grow like crazy, so let's see if the giant was speaking the truth.
Introduction      For starters, all of my sources will be cited in the sentences and at the bottom of this post. For starters, it is no secret that for someone to build muscle they NEED to be in a caloric surplus. This means they need to actively be gaining weight to gain a "significant" amount of muscle (more than .1 lb a year…